Ford Pass

Get assistance along the way

FordPass is a downloadable app on your mobile or tablet. It is your key to our welcoming and knowledgeable team of FordPass specialists. FordGuides are always there to help you with any FordPass questions or queries you may have.

Your key to a greater journey

It will help find you parking before you even leave. Will provide help along the way, just simply start a call or start chatting with friendly new FordGuides. Contact your local dealership or even request Roadside Assistance – the list quite simply goes on! FordPass takes care of every little detail so you can enjoy the ride.

Put an end to the search

FordPass will help you find that perfect parking spot before you even leave, saving you that endless search. You’ll be able to view everything from parking availability to pricing lists, opening and closing times and also carpark ratings. Plus once you have parked you can pin the parking spot saving you the hassle of searching for your car on return. FordPass is only available in select cities.

Redeem Badges

Just add your vehicle and your dealer to unlock badges the further you go with FordPass. Keep using FordPass to collect them all!

If you would like to learn more about the Ford Pass, click here.