​One Stop Shop

Built for business. Designed to work.

Versatile, durable and flexible. These work-ready Transits give you a cost-effective solution to a wide range of business needs. Matching advanced functionality with style and practicality the Transit One-Stop range is raring to get stuck into the day’s work.

One-Stop Dropside

This is packed with features ensuring loading and unloading is as easy as can be, the Transit Dropside is prepared for whatever you at or on it!

Strong tubular steel headboard

Secures ladders in place when you need to carry them and helps protect the cab.

Load anchors

Pull-up retention rings sit flush with the load platform when not in use.

Fold-out steps

With the side boards lowered, you can enjoy easy load access.​​

One-Stop 1-Way Tipper

The 1-way Tipper will make light work of even your heaviest loads. With extremely easy controls and a very strong build, the 1-Way Tipper will be a reliable partner for your business.

Sequenced Hydraulic Body Hold Down

This fully-automatic system will secure the whole body, without there being any need for operator attention.

Dual mode hinged tailboard

Both the top-hinged and ‘tip-thru’ operation modes can be easily controlled by the side-mounted remote lever.

Tipper controls

Conveniently the Control Station is located right next to the driver’s seat and operates all the Tipper controls.

One-Stop 3-Way Tipper

This includes three tipping options, making the 3-Way Tipper incredibly versatile when in the tightest of building site spots.

Remote wander lead handset

This will plug into the socket just below the driver’s seat ensuring you have easy control when side-tipping.

5-stage chromium plated ram

Mounted in a durable steel gimbal, finished with electrical limit switches, plus shock absorbers controlling the tipping angle.

Dual mode hinged tailboard

Use the side-mounted remote lever for a top-hinged operation, or the pillar latches for a bottom-hinged operation.

One-Stop Luton and Box Van

Features an extremely generous load space, comfortable cab plus convenient features to help make your work easier. This paneled van will definitely go the extra mile.

Load Retention Poles

These durable, telescopic retention poles can very easily be configured in numerous ways to secure any size of load.

Rear Shutter

The wide-slat shutter rolls up and out of the way giving you maximum headroom.

Load anchors

Further load security comes from anchor points located in the lower rail.