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A new member of the Transit family is on its way. Built with purpose, to be just as durable and adaptable as any other. The difference however, is this Transit produces 0 emissions. The New Ford E-Transit joins our ever-growing family of electrified vehicles and is bringing a new era for the iconic Transit van.

Its 400-volt, 67 kWh battery has been carefully designed to give an impressive driving range of up to 217 miles (350 Kilometres) on a single charge, helping keep your business on the road whilst meeting all sustainability targets.

The New Ford E-Transits all electric engine makes this stunning vehicle an ultra-low emission zone compliant vehicle (ULEZ). It comes with Pro Power Onboard which allows you to plug devices into a 2.3 kW / 230-volt socket, allowing you to charge all of your tools on the go!

The New E-Transit is available in a wide range of length configurations, allowing up to 15.1 cubic metres of cargo space.

So, whatever you are looking for, we will have a length variation to suit your needs.


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Owning the E-Transit will not only save you up to 40% in servicing costs during your ownership when compared to diesel vehicles, but due to the fact its fully electric, your driving will also produce zero emissions. This will not only help your business meet its sustainability goals, but it will also allow you to freely travel through low-emission zones. You can further increase the environmental benefits by ensuring you’re using a renewable energy supplier when you charge up your brand-new electric Transit.


The New Ford E-Transits all electric engine makes this stunning vehicle an ultra-low emission zone compliant vehicle (ULEZ). It comes with Pro Power Onboard which allows you to plug a 2.3 kW / 230-volt socket, allowing you to charge all of your tools on the go!


The E-Transit has been designed to deliver zero-emissions whilst ensuring it maintains its class leading capability. Its innovative battery sits underneath the vehicle maximising the space in this already large van. So, choose from three lengths and two roof heights, you have between an impressive 9.5 and 15.1 cubic metres of load space, making this Ford Transit capable of carrying up to 1,616kg of cargo. To make your cargo more easily accessible the E-Transit has full height rear doors an is available with an optional power-side load door!


Fords advanced SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system is cloud-connected. Cloud Connectivity allows more advanced route planning, as well as conversational voice recognition. Over-the-air updates help to keep your E-Transits interface continually up to date. This innovative system helps to keep you and your vehicle connected. On its 12” touchscreen you can manage your electric vans charging and connect your smartphone for calls, music and more. Step in to a whole new world of connectivity with SYNC 4.


Ford Telematics will help you to manage your fleet more easily and effectively, maximising productivity, whilst minimising vehicle downtime. It provides incredible data-driven insights into the everyday operation of your fleet of vehicles and will let you quickly see the health status of your fleet whilst working with you to increase productivity by alerting you of any issues that require attention.


We will help provide you with all of the hardware and software to simply recharge your vehicle after a hard day’s work. A charging point on your premises can fully recharge your E-Transit in a little over 8 hours!


Wherever you are, charging should be simple and effortless. That’s why the FordPass charging network is growing fast and will have 150,000+ charging points across the whole of Europe by 2021. Not only this, but the incredibly fast charging points produced by IONITY will have 400 locations each with several charging points.


Charging up your New Ford E-Transit at home is as simple as plugging in your phone charger and ensures your vehicle is always ready to go. You can simply plug it into the mains plug and your vehicle will begin charging. Alternatively you can opt to have a Ford Connected Wallbox installed, this option is more convenient and also decreases charging times.


Save your business money by making the move to electric! Charging up your New Ford E-Transit costs a significant amount less than refuelling it and you can charge it at home or at your work place, doing this will save you even more, especially if you take full advantage of the lower energy tariffs when charging overnight.


You may be eligible to receive a government grant towards this New Electric Van. Please speak with a member of our team to find out more


Switching to the New Ford E-Transit will not only save you and your business money of running costs, but servicing is also significantly cheaper, with a reduction of up to 40%! With much less moving and mechanical parts, servicing an electric vehicle will typically cost less than a diesel vehicle over a three-year period.