Ford Motability Adaptations at Foray Motor Group
Motability - Adaptations

Motability - Adaptations

Some Motability guests will need adaptations to their chosen Ford to ensure it is easy for them to use and drive. A high amount of these adaptations are offered with the Motability Scheme models at no extra cost, and the majority of the time the adaptations will be installed on site before the collection of the vehicle.

We have a wide range of adaptations here at Foray Motor Group to fit your specific needs.

Motability Adaptions For Driving:

We have a huge amount of different driving adaptations designed to help the majority to disabled road users. We can install Electronic hand-controls for drivers who have limited movement in their feet and legs, and the pedals and steering wheel can be specifically modified to ensure they are simple to use.

Motability Adaptions For Accessibility:

We also have a selection of options available to help you get in and out of your vehicles. These include: A swivel or an electric hoist that can be fitted to your vehicle.

Motability Adaptions For Storage:

There are also adaptations available to the rear of the vehicle; this includes rearranging the rear to fit a scooter or wheelchair, as well as an electric hoist to help get these items in and out. This is a great benefit to those who don’t need a full Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle (WAV).

We also understand that your needs may vary throughout the three-year term on the Motability Scheme. As well as the different adaptations fitted when you first receive your Ford, we may be able to continue to make further adjustments and tailor new assistances to ensure you are fully supported during the whole of your contract period.

More Information:

If you are looking for more information about Motability adaptations or have any other questions please contact one of our Motability specialists.

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