New Ford Focus


NEW FOCUS ECOBOOST HYBRID! Take a small step into the world of electric with the New Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid. Its Advanced, seven-speed, automatic dual clutch transmission works to ensure you have a more efficient and smooth ride, whilst still providing the hybrid engine’s electrically boosted performance.
BRAND NEW SYNC 4 Stay more connected than ever with the brand new, highly innovative Ford SYNC 4 system.A new 13.2” touchscreen transforms the interior of the Focus and features cloud-connected navigation as well as advanced voice control with natural language recognition. One other great feature is, you can now connect your smartphone to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly!
New Ford Focus Co-pilot 360
CO-PILOT BY YOUR SIDE Technology is playing a greater role in helping drivers and now Ford Co-Pilot360 helps it enhance both your experience and safety. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go quite literally keeps watch on the vehicle in front to automatically adapt your speed. It even automatically stops and restarts your engine when traffic stops and then clears. Speed signs are recognised and cruise control speed adjusted while steering is assisted through Lane Centring technology to keep your vehicle in the centre of its lane.​
New Ford Focus Active park assist 2
PARK THOSE PARKING PROBLEMS Finding – and getting into – a parking space is many drivers’ worst nightmare. But Active Park Assist 2 on cars with an automatic transmission makes it a dream! You choose the side of the road to park either parallel to or perpendicular with traffic and the electronics will steer your car while governing speed, gear selection and braking. This is parking made effortless - as simple as holding down a button while your car guides itself!​
New Ford Focus Drive modes
DRIVING AS YOU LIKE IT Your New Focus can be programmed to suit your own driving style. Its selectable drive modes include ‘Normal’, ‘Eco’ and ‘Sport’ so you can determine throttle, steering, and gear-change responses to suit your style.​​
New Ford Focus Push-button parking break
PUSH-BUTTON PARKING BRAKE There’s no more pulling on a handbrake lever in your New Focus – simply pressing a button on the console applies the parking brake, freeing up cabin space and even helping reduce brake maintenance costs.​​
New Ford Focus Traffic sign recognition
SEE ESSENTIAL SIGNS Traffic signs can be in many places - at the side of the road and above it, sometimes permanent, sometimes not. But with Traffic Sign Recognition you will always be aware, with speed limits and other essential information displayed in the instrument cluster.​
New Ford Focus FordPass connect
THE KEY TO A MORE CONNECTED WORLD Connectivity is the way of the world and the New Focus provides the vital link through its FordPass Connect modem. With 4G LTE WiFi for up to 10 devices, it also offers real-time traffic updates through the in-car satnav. It can even place an eCall to the emergency services complete with vehicle location details.​
New Ford Focus ST FordPass Connect Modem
FORDPASS IS HOT STUFF! Pair FordPass Connect with your smartphone through the FordPass app and it becomes even more powerful, giving access to innovative features. Your phone could locate your vehicle and even remotely operate its locking system and also monitor fuel level, mileage and tyre pressure, as well as receiving vehicle health alerts. If your car has automatic transmission, it can be started remotely on cold days so it’s de-iced, demisted and ready to go. Hot stuff! Want to remember how to get somewhere? You can sit at home with your phone and directly program a destination into your satnav.​
New Ford Puma ST mean green for sale Foray Motor Group
MUSIC TO YOUR EARS It’s like enjoying your own, personal live concert of your favourite music when your New Focus is equipped with B&O PLAY. The 675-watt audio system brings a rich, powerful sound thanks to its 10-speakers, woofer and subwoofer. B&O’s acoustic specialists have tuned it specifically for New Focus so you can experience your favourite music in a concert hall atmosphere.​
New Ford Focus Panoramic glass roof
LET THE SUN SHINE IN An optional full-length panoramic glass roof in place the steel roof panel lets maximum natural light into the car. There’s a peel-back sunshade to offer protection while the powered front section tilts or slides for improved ventilation.​
New Ford Focus Foot-wave boot
FOOT-WAVE BRAINWAVE OPENS THE BOOT There’s nothing worse than struggling to open the boot with your arms full and nothing simpler than waving your foot under the rear bumper of the New Focus Wagon to see the tailgate rise all on its own when you have the KeyFree key fob with you. You can do the same to close it, too.​
New Ford Focus ST Wireless Charging
CHARGE… Smartphones have got ever bigger but there’s none that won’t fit into the media bin in front of the gear lever in the New Focus. It’s also equipped with wireless charging, ensuring compatible devices are always ready for use – just one example of how storage and practicality have been maximised in this new Ford.​
New Ford Focus More cabin space
SPACE TRAVEL New Focus is ahead of the game in the space race; tall front or rear passengers gain extra knee and leg room while an adjustable load floor and a hands-free tailgate (Estate only) make loading your car easier.​
New Ford Focus Push-button parking break
DIAL UP THE 8 SPEED AUTO For the first time in a Ford, New Focus has an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission, a smooth operator that works through a rotary dial rather than a conventional lever – and it automatically selects Park when the ignition is switched off. Improved acceleration with silky-smooth gear changes brings a better driving experience and performance.​​
New Ford Focus Pre-Collision assist
SAFETY BOOST FOR PEDESTRIANS The clever Pre-Collision Assist on New Focus warns when vehicles and pedestrians are in the road ahead, or when they could cross the vehicle’s path. Failure to respond automatically applies the brakes, reducing accident severity or avoiding collisions at speeds of up to 50 mph.​
New Ford Focus Active breaking system
SAFER HIGHER SPEED BRAKING Using in-built RADAR, the Active Braking system scans the road ahead to detect a possible collision before alerting you. Failure to react from the driver primes the brakes before helping the car slow down. At less than 50km/h (30 mph) Active City Stop can also cut in.​

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