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Ford Puma driving assistant
A DRIVING ASSISTANT, JUST FOR YOU​ Combining a range of impressive features, Ford Co-Pilot 360 boasts technology that works together, so your driving experience is more enjoyable, and more comfortable than ever before. A great example is adaptive cruise control, which will automatically adjust your cruise control speed, based on the vehicle in front. It will even recognise speed signs and change your speed accordingly.
Ford Puma Cruise Control information
CRUISE CONTROL – BUT EVEN SMARTER​ Keeping track of the vehicle ahead, adaptive cruise control adjusts your cruise control speed often. It will automatically maintain the set distance if traffic conditions mean you’re unable to travel at your desired speed.
Ford Puma responsive steering during emergencies
SUPER-SHARP STEERING IN EMERGENCIES The highly responsive Emergency Steering Assist helps you steer around slow or stationary vehicles to prevent collisions. Using an intelligent mix of radar and camera to detect vehicles ahead emergency steering assist will then provide steering support which will help you avoid a vehicle if a collision is imminent. The smart technology activates if you initiate evasive action, and there’s not enough space to avoid the collision.
Ford Puma selectable drive modes
TAILOR-MADE DRIVING DYNAMICS​ Did you know, you can alter the Puma’s throttle response, steering, and gear-change behaviour to suit your style of driving? Personalise your driving experience with five selectable drive modes, including normal, ECO, sport, slippery and trail. You will see key information, through unique colour themes, via the 12.3” digital instrument cluster – according to which drive mode you have selected.
New Ford Puma rear view camera feature
EYES IN THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD…​ Reveal the objects you can’t usually see! The rear-view camera clearly shows bollards, bikes, low walls and other obstacles, on the centre console. The clever system displays virtual lines, as well, to help you park into the tightest of spaces. As soon as you select reverse gear, the camera automatically activates.​
New Ford Puma Active Park Assist
…OR LET PUMA’S EYES PARK THE CAR FOR YOU​ Active park assist isn’t just a gimmick. You need to experience it to believe it. The Puma make parking in a busy street or tight space easy. Activate it, and the system will identify a suitable parking space, then automatically steer you in. It can manoeuvre both in and out of spaces. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and operate the accelerator, gears and brake.
Ford Puma Daytime Running Lights
ILLUMINATE THE ROAD AHEAD… AND THE ROAD ROUND THE CORNER Super-intense LED headlights deliver precise, bright beams of light. These include unique, signature design LED day-running lights. Not only that… Puma has static cornering lights, too, which illuminate the inside of a corner when you turn the steering wheel further than 30 degrees.
Ford Puma Blind-spot information system
RADARS SEE YOUR BLIND SPOTS​ Using RADAR sensors; situated on either side of your Puma, the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) sees vehicles that might be hidden in your blind spot – it will then alert you with a bright orange light that is displayed clearly within your side door mirror, dependent on which side the vehicle may be approaching from.
Ford Puma Cross Traffic Alerts!
CLEVER, CROSS-TRAFFIC WARNINGS​ Part of BLIS, Cross Traffic Alert helps you when you’re reversing out of a space with limited visibility for traffic in either direction. Cross Traffic Alert detects oncoming vehicles, sounds a warning and illuminates a light in the corresponding wing mirror.
New Ford Puma ST digital dashboard
READS ROAD SIGNS Traffic Sign Recognition will identify signs, whether they’re at the side of the road or ahove it; whether they are permanent or temporary, Traffic Sign Recognition is able to identify them. Various icons are displayed on the instrument cluster to alert you to changing restrictions.
New Ford Puma FordPass connect modem
A MORE CONNECTED WORLD The striking new Ford Puma is available with the innovative FordPass Connect modem; designed to ensure every journey is smooth and enjoyable. FordPass Connect brings an abundance of features such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi for up to ten passengers, allowing your passengers to play songs and videos on the go, helping those long journeys fly past. Another feature includes real-time traffic updates that get delivered directly to your satnav, making sure you arrive on time.
New Ford Puma FordPass App
MORE FEATURES WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD FORDPASS APP! The FordPass app now incorporates FordPass Connect making connectivity more powerful than ever! Simply connect your smartphone up to your Puma and you can take advantage of a wide range of incredible new features. If you have lost your vehicle in a car park, simply open up the app and a map will show you where to find it. You can also remotely lock and unlock your car using your mobile! This is helpful as you can double check you’ve locked your van even if you are not near it, or even let a friend or work colleague access it when you’re not there.
New Ford Puma LCD Display
YOUR CHOICES – SEAMLESSLY DISPLAYED The Puma’s unique, digital instrument cluster is the focal point to its interior. It’s an intelligent 12.3 inch color LCD display which flows with the curvature of the facia using free-flowing technology. Using intuitive and easy-to-read symbols, along with changing colours and configurations, information is displayed in high definition, suiting the drive mode you have selected. Plus, you can prioritise the information that is displayed, including things like navigation alerts and fuel consumption info. On top of this, you can programme preferred presets for individual drivers.
New Ford Puma SYNC3 system
SYNC THREE – HANDS FREE With Ford SYNC 3 you can control your smartphone, navigation and music with either voice commands or touch screen. Live Traffic alerts you of any incident or congestion helping you to avoid them. Simply tell your Puma you’re hungry and it will bring up a list of local restaurants so you can call and book a table! SYNC 3 also connects to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as AppLink, where you can access some of your favourite apps.
New Ford Puma B&O Play sound system
MUSIC, AS IT’S MEANT TO BE HEARD Music on the move gains maestro quality thanks to B&O PLAY, available on your new Puma. With 575-watts output through a 10-speaker system (including a cleverly incorporated subwoofer, so that none of Puma’s loadspace is compromised) that’s fine-tuned for the Puma by B&O’s specialist acousticians, you get just the sound you want as if the performers were travelling alongside you. Turn it up!
New Ford Puma interior styling
A STEP FURTHER THAN COMFORT Lumbar massage function enhances both the driver and front passenger seat for additional support and comfort. Just the push of a button and you can begin revitalising tired muscles with the massage settings that are adjustable in 3 ways – just what you need on longer journeys.
New Ford Puma panoramic roof
LET THE SUN SHINE Available as an extra is a full-length panoramic roof that will completely replace the steel roof panel. This creates a bright, airy interior by letting in a flood of natural light. The front half can tilt or slide right back and is power-operated. The full-length retractable sunshade means you can open up the glass, for fresh air, and still stay protected from the sun.
New Ford Pumas modern technology
WHAT IS HYBRID TECHNOLOGY? To help improve efficiency, Puma’s hybrid technology combines a small electric motor with the economic petrol engine. The technologies work as a team to help you increase your vehicle mileage and improve your mpg/reduce emissions. With this hybrid technology, you don’t need to connect Puma to an external power source – the separate battery pack that is powering the electric motor recharges while you’re driving. Regenerative braking redirects energy from the brakes, back to the hybrid system.
New Ford Puma EcoBoost engine 1.0L
PERFORMANCE THAT WINS AWARDS Six-time International engine of the year, the 1.0 litre Ford EcoBoost petrol engine allows you to be clean without compromise. Available on the new Puma with your choice of either a 125PS or 155PS hybrid option, enjoy uncompromised performance that you’d expect from a conventional 1.5 litre engine, but with all round improved fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. This means it’s cleaner and kinder to the environment, and kinder on your running costs.
New Ford Puma 6 Speed Manual
OPTIMISED 6-SPEED MANUAL Optimised to make gear selection easier, quieter and more precise, the 6-speed manual transmission in the new Puma has been meticulously engineered to reduce fuel consumption while improving driving dynamics at the same time. All this means more exhileration but less trips to the petrol station!
New Ford Puma pre-collision assist
INTELLIGENT SYSTEM TO PROTECT PEDESTRIANS Scanning the road ahead, pre-collision assist (including pedestrian detection) uses advanced camera technology to scan the road ahead and provide you with a warning if a pedestrian or cyclist is detected. The system can automatically apply up to 100% braking force, if you don’t respond quickly enough, to reduce severity, or even eliminate, frontal collisions.
New Ford Puma Emergency Brake Assist
MAXIMUM EMERGENCY BRAKING Recognising an emergency brake situation, Emergency Brake Assist enhances the pressure within the braking system to ensure you gain maximum stopping power.
New Ford Puma Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
EARLY WARNING FOR FLAT TYRES If your tyres are losing pressure during your journey, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will warn you by illuminating an icon on the instrument panel, so you can take action quickly.
New Ford Puma Electronic Stability Control
UNDER CONTROL Electronic Stability Control (ESC) continually tracks your vehicle’s progress on the road. It detects if your vehicle is losing grip, by using advanced sensors in the anti-lock braking and Traction Control system, then automatically applies a braking pulse to wheels, individually, to help stabilise any issues.
New Ford Puma Traction Control features
NONE OF THE EFFORT, ALL OF THE GRIP Eliminate excessive wheelspin with the highly advanced Traction Control system. Get the best possible grip and stability – driving the best possible performance, as you need it. The system will adjust power deliverance to individual wheels to ensure maximum contact and grip throughout acceleration. Monitored constantly.
New Ford Puma load space information
SURPRISINGLY SPACIOUS You’ll be shocked by the extensive loadspace incorporated into the back of the vehicle, with the innovative new MegaBox lower load compartment. An extra 80 litres of space, including the extended possibility to house items up to 115cm tall, plus waterproof lining and even a drain plug, make this an ideal space for a range of different items.
New Ford Puma luggage space
MORE THAN ENOUGH SPACE Ford Puma gives you the storage space you require. The 60/40 split rear seats maximise versatility and even fold flat to give you a hugely expanded luggage space when you need it.
New Ford Puma adaptive parcel shelf
A PARCEL SHELF THAT ADAPTS TO ITS SURROUNDINGS Rather than being fixed in place, the adaptive rear parcel shelf raises up and down with the tailgate, and adjust its position to enable room for larger items you may want to store.
New Ford Puma KeyFree key fob
CONVENIENCE OF HANDS-FREE Once you’ve had hands-free tailgate, you won’t turn back. Coming in especially handy when your hands are full, or in adverse weather conditions, jump straight in to your car without having to rummage for your keys. Your KeyFree key fob just needs to be somewhere on your person or in your bag, and a simple foot movement under the centre of the rear bumper will ask the tailgate to lift without you touching a thing. You can also open and close this while sitting inside the car, or using the tailgate button on your key.

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