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New Fords On The Horizon

Here at Foray Motor Group we are continuously looking to the future. Below you will find all the information you need to know about the new Ford cars coming soon to the UK Ford model range.

New Ford Ranger Raptor 

In 2019 we are finally going to see the incredible Ford Ranger Raptor hit Europe! This beast is going to be Europe’s first official, off-road performance pick-up truck. The Ranger Raptor is something of its own kind, built to dominate whatever is thrown at it!

The second you set your eyes on the Ford Ranger Raptor you’ll know it’s not just any another pick-up truck. Every detail has been precisely engineered for a hard-hitting life of trekking through rivers, desert driving and mountain climbing.

The new Ranger Raptor is not only tough, but also extremely intelligent! This pickup is loaded with innovative new features as well capability to tackle the toughest terrains out there!

Ford Mustang Bullitt for sale Foray Motor Group

Mustang Bullitt - Coming soon


In 1968, the movie “Bullitt” made its way onto the silver screen and took the world by storm. A certain car in the movie became loved by everyone, and that was the iconic Mustang GT Fastback. History was made. We’ve now just entered 2018 and along with that is the 50th anniversary of the much-admired film. To celebrate the anniversary of the Bullitt Mustang, we thought the legend should be reborn! With an upgraded 5.0-litre V8 engine, available in the exclusive, stylish Dark Highland Green paint and ultra-modern, performance inspired interior design; this high-class sports car is destined to become its own icon!

Check back here for details of when this will be available in the United Kingdom.

View our current Mustang here!