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Find the official UK Ford social accounts and websites

Official Resources

For all the latest updates, announcements, events and images of new Ford models, take a look at the official UK Ford social accounts and websites.

Ford UK on Twitter - (

Ford UK Facebook - (

Ford UK on Google+ - (

Ford UK on Tumblr - (

Ford UK on Instagram - (

Ford UK on Vine - (

Ford UK on Youtube (

Ford Media Site - (

Ford Owners Portal - (

Ford Performance - (

FordEtis – the Online Technical Information and Services website from Ford - (


Surfing with a Ford Truck

Owners' Clubs

Find like-minded individuals who share your passion for your particular Ford model with these owners' clubs. If you are a first-time Ford driver, or a passionate veteran of the brand, then these websites are for you.

ACT Small Ford Owners Club - (

The Club aims to unite and support all owners of Fords in the ACT and region, and to that end has moved in recent times to accept as members, owners of any Fords, whether small or larger, including those which may have been mildly or even extensively modified as well as standard vehicles, who wish to join.

AVO Owners Club - (

Advice, information and a forum to bring together owners of the special range of Ford vehicles.

C-Max Owners Club - (

Being one of the most recent models in the Ford range, the C-Max Owners Club has insightful information in the way of a forum and news posts about the Grand C-Max, Mark II C-Max and Mark I Focus C-Max.

Classic Ford Owners Club - (

All models of classic Ford cars are at the heart of Classic Ford Owners Club. This is a fantastic network of individuals who will happily answer questions about anything from restoration to ownership.

Fiesta Club of Great Britain - (

Whether you own a top-of-the-range Fiesta or a standard run-around, the Fiesta Club of Great Britain hosts memorable events and news forums for members and the public.

Fiesta Owners Club - (

With thousands of insightful topics, threads and posts from dedicated Fiesta owners, those at Fiesta Owners Club discuss everything motoring, Fiesta or not!

Focus Owners Club - (

Connecting Ford Focus owners from all over the world, this forum provides news, events, merchandise and car parts for those passionate about the Focus.

Focus ST Owners Club - (

As one of the sportier models in the Ford range, the ST is all about speed and customisation. Find everything you need to know about the model with discussions, handbooks and video galleries on the Focus ST Owners Club website.

Fordsport Car Club - (

Combining the old with the new, Fordsport members are all about modifying, discussing and showing their vehicles at spectacular events and car shows all across the UK.

Ford Club - (

The Ford Club Forum brings together everything you need and want to know about all Ford models. Whether you want some advice on alloys and tyres, or in-car entertainment and gadgets, the Ford Club has it all.

Ford Enthusiast & Owners Club - (

Appreciating the history and work of Henry Ford is at the forefront of the Ford Enthusiast & Owners Club. They have a fantastic forum and even an online garage for those looking to purchase their next Ford vehicle.

Ford Galaxy Owners Club - (

The Ford Galaxy has been a favourite amongst families around the country, providing space and versatility. The Ford Galaxy Owners Club provides quality advice, technical help and social events for Galaxy enthusiasts.

Ford Mk1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Owners Club - (

Running in conjunction with a quarterly magazine sent to members, the Five Stars Owners Club is passionate about the less well-known MK1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac models, providing quality information and suppliers.

Ford Owners and Enthusiasts - (

An outstanding platform full of videos and images from all modified, unmodified, old, new, fast and slow Ford models. If you are looking for inspiration for your next Ford project, Ford Owners and Enthusiasts is the site to go to.

Ford Owners Club - (

Everything from forums, discounts and videos of Ford vehicles, the Ford Owners Club has everything you need for all things Ford. 

Ford ST Owners club - (

Built for ST owners by ST owners, this friendly and educational community provides excellent resources and information about all things Ford ST

Government list of owners clubs - (Link Here)

Although we hope that you find something of particular interest in the Ultimate Ford Resource Guide, if you are looking something a little more niche, then check out the Government list of cars owners clubs.

KA Owners Club - (

Although one of the smaller Ford models, the KA Owners Club provides a wide range of information, images and the history of the model for enthusiasts.

Kuga Owners Club - (

Owners of the stunning Ford Kuga can sign up for free membership to the Kuga Owners Club and take part in discussions based on modifications, and explore ‘how to’ guides and a members gallery.

Manchester Classic Ford Club - (

Car meetings, shows and track days are at the heart of Manchester Classic Ford Club. For anyone who lives in Manchester or the surrounding area, this is a fantastic site if you are looking to join an incredibly social owners’ club.

MK 3 Owners Club - (

Helena from the MK 3 Owners Club says: "We welcome all members with an interest in the cars whether owners or not, and whether their cars are concourse winners, undergoing restorations or are standard or modified. In 2016 we have started getting interior parts remanufactured in fiberglass and furth information is available in the club's magazine and on the website."

MK1 Ford Cortina Club - (

One of the most popular Ford vehicles on British roads of the past century, the MK1 Ford Cortina is a motor vehicle gem. The website contains a members’ forum, contacts and regalia for owners and enthusiasts.

Model A Ford Club of Great Britain - (

This website caters for owners, prospective owners, enthusiasts and devotees to the Model A Ford, the most striking vehicle of its time. You can find everything from technical advice to books and regalia for all historic stories and knowledge.

Model T Ford Register of Great Britain - (

Run by enthusiasts of the most famous car in history, the Model T Register is the resource to use for up-to-date news and events for new and existing members. 

Mondeo Owners Club - (

The Ford Mondeo is one of the most common vehicles in the Ford range, but presents itself as a long-standing favourite amongst many owners and enthusiasts. The forum is home to hundreds of devoted fans from all over the country discussing everything Mondeo.

Pre 67 Ford Owners Clubs - (

Growing to over 250 members from across the country, the Pre 67 Ford Owners Club hosts regular meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow to spread the ‘Henry message’. You can also find a fantastic forum, club magazine and links to further classic car sites.

RS Owners Club - (

Established in 1980 by a group of Ford RS enthusiasts the Ford RSOC now boasts a paid membership of over 3,500 RS fans alongside a visible digital presence based upon a 30,000 strong forum membership and over 12,000 active Facebook group members. The club produce an award winning bi-monthly magazine and membership is funneled via a UK (and wider) network of local RSOC groups who put on shows, meetings, tours and track days throughout the year. The club welcomes both owners and non-owners and with its factory backed support exists to ensure the history of the RS both old and new is catered for now and in the future.

RS Owners Club Ireland - (

Jamie Kent from the RS Owners Club Ireland says: "The RS Owners Club was founded in 1984. Over the years that have followed, regular meets including economy runs, track days and classic car runs by our club members. As the Ford RS cars have evolved so too has the RS Owners Club and its members, the future looks very bright.”

S-Max Owners Club - (

Excellent tips, information, news, reviews, events and community discussion for all things Ford S-Max.

Sporting Escort Owners Club - (

With a vibrant mix of sporting Escorts at the base of the website, enthusiasts, owners and members can find everything they are looking for, including advice for saloons, estates and vans.

The Capri Club - (

The international Capri Club website aims to generate a following of owners and enthusiasts who want to keep the modern-day classic alive. Membership to the site includes a great package of magazines, discounts on parts and free technical advice.

The Ford Owners Car Club of South Australia - (

Another Australian-based website, the Ford Owners Car Club of South Australia caters to the needs of all Ford enthusiasts. The website is open to all ages who are interested in all shapes and sizes of Ford models. 

UK Probe Owners Club - (

Although they are the UK’s largest Ford Probe Owners Club, they also welcome owners of the Mazda MX-6, 626 and MX-3 models. All technical help and sign-up to the forums are free.


Based in central Ohio, United Ford Owners hosts dedicated drag racing events and cruise days for Ford owners. You can also find merchandise, videos and news from across the state.

West Sussex RS Owners Club - (

The West Sussex RS Owners Club holds informal, social meetings for RS owners, including those with performance enhanced and modified RS models. A great array of information, images and events can be found on the website. 


Get the latest Ford News with these sites


These sites love Ford with a passion and have dedicated their time to creating online resources for finding out all about different models. If you have a specific question that needs answering, or are looking to purchase a particular model, then head over to one of the fansites below.

Ford Fiesta MK1 Site - (

Having celebrated its 40th birthday this year, the MK1 Fiesta is one of the longest serving Ford vehicles on the road today and this website supplies fantastic links and forums for those owners and enthusiasts.

Ford Scorpio website - (

Known as the Ford Granada here in the UK, the Ford Scorpio website has a wide variety of guides on the running of the vehicle, including a fault finder, and information on spare parts and retailers of the vehicle itself.

German Ford Fansite - (

The brilliant German Ford Fansite provides history, images and technical data for the German-speaking Ford community.

Granada and Scorpio Online (GSO) - (

For all fans of the Granada and Scorpio models across the world, this website prides itself as the biggest and friendliest resource for people who are passionate about their Ford Scorpio and Granada vehicle.

Mustang Heaven - (

With a range of resources dating back to the 2005 Mustang model, Mustang Heaven is a brilliant resource for those looking for knowledgeable advice, industry updates and news on all models of the Ford Mustang.

Mustang World - (

Mustang World caters for those who are passionate about the older Mustang models. The site is dedicated to providing quality news and forum posts about Mustang models over 18 years old.

The 1966 Batmobile Fansite - (

The most unusual yet fascinating concept to come out of Ford was the futuristic 1966 Batmobile, which was made entirely by hand in Italy. This website is a fantastic educational resource for anyone interested the car used by Batman in the 1966 TV series.

The Mustang Source - (

A superb resource for Mustang lovers, The Mustang Source provides industry news, galleries and forums for everyone to use. 


Interact with Ford fans in these Ford Forums

News Sites / Magazines

Want to keep up to date with the latest Ford news? Then visit these great online news portals or subscribe to a specialist magazine for industry led content.

Blue Oval News - (

Classic Ford Mag - (

Ford Authority - (

Ford Inside News - (

Ford Mustang News - (

Mustang 360 - (

Performance Ford Mag - (

Retro Ford Mag - (


Ford Alloy Wheels


Forums are a great place to get together with fellow Ford owners and discuss all things relating to the Blue Oval. They are the perfect place to share your experiences, questions and advice with like-minded people.

Escort Evolution - (

Ford Cabriolet Owners Club - (

Ford Fiesta ST Forum - (

Ford Forum - (

Mondeo ST Owners Club - (

Old Skool Ford - (

Rally E Sport Ford Forum - (

XRTwo Owners Club - (



Ford Mustangs at Event

Modification Sites

Some people love to modify their beloved Fords with alloy wheels, body kits and much more. Take a look at some of these companies and sites for the latest in Ford modifications.

Focus RS Parts - (

Ford Performance Specialists - (

FordMods - (

Puma Speed - Performance Tuning - (

Vulcan Engineering - (

WRTuning - (


Old Ford Logo


Take a look at these great annual events and shows based around your favourite Ford cars and vehicles taking place across the UK this year and beyond.

Ford Fair - (

Attended by more than 17,000 Blue Oval enthusiats, no other single marque show dominates the market place like Ford Fair - it's the biggest of its kind in Europe!

Over 3,600 cars are set to be packed into the iconic Silverstone circuit on the 7th August- everything from immaculate restored classics to the very latest performance and modified motors. Now in its 31st year and sponsored by mountune, 2016 is set to be the biggest show yet.

Fun Ford Series - (

Ford Fest Show - (

Ford Day Blackpool - (


Old Ford Car

Unofficial Resources

Here are some other resources dedicated to Ford online and are the sites to visit if you are looking up the history of Ford or want to know a little more of the brand.

Ford of Britain Wikipedia - (

Ford Owners, Restorers & Drivers Club of Australia Inc - (

Ford Reddit Thread - (

Haynes Ford Repair Manuals - (

My Ford - (

Talk Ford - (




If you are looking for unique classic Ford motor insurance, or need a specialist opinion on Ford MOTs, then these are the websites for you.

Antique car parts for Ford Model T, Model A, V8 and Tractors - (

Classic Ford Insurance - (

Ford & Fordson Association - (

Jane Broomhall from Ford and Fordson says: "The club is for all Ford and Fordson Tractor enthusiasts; the oldest in the UK. Memeber are provided with a bi-monthly magazine featuring articles on restorations, events held and forthcoming, together with tractors and parts offered for sale.

"We attend many vintage machinery events throughout the year providing technical advice, registration assistance and much more."

Ford Motor Car Company History - (

Old Ford Auto Services - (

The Henry Ford - (