A leading insurance company has revealed that white is still overwhelmingly the favourite colour for vans amongst drivers and fleet operators in the UK, showing that the classic image of a gleaming Transit van being the sign of a professional tradesperson is still as relevant as ever.
A comprehensive survey of all the light commercial vehicles registered on Britain's roads has found that every single year over the last decade has seen more white vans purchased from dealers across the nation than models in any other colour.
In total, no less than 1,852,577 white vans are currently taking workers to and from their jobs, which represents well over half of all light commercial vehicles (LCVs); it is not all bad news for the other colours, however, as the research also indicated that silver vans are continuing to rise in popularity.
Ten years ago, only two per cent of light goods vehicles were silver or aluminium coloured, but this proportion has reportedly gone up to 10 per cent over the last decade. Blue, meanwhile, has just held onto its position as the country's second favourite van colour, now accounting for 11 per cent of all LCVs driven.
What is perhaps most striking about these figures, though, is how many more vans there now are on the roads compared to 2002. The number of LCVs is now an incredible 700,000 more than was the case a decade ago, which is the equivalent of a rise of 28 per cent over the period. This, it is hoped, is also an indication of an upturn in the prevalence of traditional trades around the UK.
Ford vans in Dorset and elsewhere throughout the country are, of course, available in a range of attractive and stylish colours and themes, but there can now officially be no denying that the 'white van man' remains supreme in the world of LCVs.