What car rate Ford at the top for company cars


The popular motoring website and magazine ‘What Car?' has just featured an updated article about the Best company cars in the UK, in which two Ford cars for sale make the top two places of the list. The two vehicles being the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta both of which have become Britain's most popular fleet and company cars in recent years for numerous reasons.

The magazine and website is primarily aimed at consumers, meaning that it offers an unbiased review and buying guide for vehicles available in the UK.

Calling the Focus ‘a superbly rounded family hatchback that's well specified, competitively priced and great to drive', the website recommends the 1.0T 125 Ecoboost model. The Economical model is not only economical at 56.5 miles per gallon, but also with a turbocharger, is extremely nippy and powerful.

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Image credit: Tabercil