One of the largest commercial insurers, Swinton, has just released information to potential used van buyers, giving some great information on the risks involved with purchasing used vans.

Here are just a few of the tips and points to consider whilst thinking about buying a used vehicle such as the Ford Transit van.

1) An official dealer can offer a much larger amount of buyer protection. For example, if you are searching for new Ford vans you will find that a Ford dealership is the best choice, namely due to the fact that they are legally obliged to sell only vehicles which are free from defect.

2) Checking and inspecting a commercial vehicle properly should be something you or an unbiased and experienced individual should carry out. Everything from engine blocks, tyres, lights and other electrical items should be checked that they are in working order.

3) Do not take the sellers word for anything; check the van's history for yourself to ensure that you find out everything that you need to know. In some cases second hand vans may have been written off by insurers, or in some cases still have financial agreements attached to them.

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