If you are thinking about purchasing or upgrading your commercial vehicle to something like one of the great range of new Ford vans that are for sale at dealerships, you will of course have to consider what to do with your old vehicle. Many people part exchange their older vehicle, but depending upon current prices or offers available it can sometimes be a less affordable way to reinvest.
If you find yourself in this boat there is good news on the horizon, as one of the largest van and fleet websites has released information regarding van prices throughout last month (April), and they are showing that used van prices are on the increase.
Apparently, in April used van values improved right across the board by just over £44 (1%) making the average used van value to be £4271, even though the age and mileage stayed pretty much the same year on year.
Something to be considered is that should you be looking to Purchase a vehicle such as a Transit van Second-hand, you will find that supply is still quite low and demand is quite high. This may have something to do with just how highly valued and reliable vans of this type have become in recent years, where even though you can find great deals on commercial vehicles you can often find yourself keeping your model for far longer than you would expect.
April 2012 saw its used van values increase by 7.6% compared to the same period in 2011, but also saw average ages increase by 6 months, and average mileage increasing by 5,500 to 78,000.
So with used van prices on the rise, now has never been a better time to sell your vehicle to invest in a great new Ford commercial van.