The New Ford Mondeo Graphite Reviewed by Auto Express

The popular car website Auto Express recently put the new Ford Mondeo Graphite through its paces, finding that "entry-level doesn't always mean basic".

With the surprising news earlier in the year that the next generation of Ford Mondeo's would be delayed in Europe, many expected to have to sit and wait until 2014 before seeing anything new from the line.

Ford weren’t content with leaving their valued customers to wait however and brought out a new entry-level Mondeo Graphite model based on the car's current generation design, along with the headline grabbing news that the newest model would undercut the current entry-level Mondeo Edge by as much as £2,000!

It certainly surprised Auto Express, who said that "you wouldn’t immediately guess the £15,995 starting price from the styling" and adding that the line up of features, which include alloy wheels, Bluetooth, steering wheel-mounted controls and plush leather on both the steering and gearstick, gave the feel of quality.

The Ford Mondeo Graphite gives buyers a choice of four engines: two petrol engines, the 119bhp 1.6 Ti-VCT or a 158bhp 1.6 EcoBoost, or one of two diesel engines, the 113bhp 1.6-litre and 138bhp 2.0 TDCi. It was the lower-powered diesel option in the Auto Express test car, which they found to be well suited for long-distance cruising, averaging 65.7mpg and emitting only 112g/km of CO2.

When it came to the feel of the car, they found that it still retained its sharp feel, commenting that it was "a testament to its chassis six years after it was introduced". They went on to comment on the responsive steering and firm ride, which was just stiff enough to make the care feel nimble.

The review drew the conclusion that the new model kept everything that was good about the Ford family favourite without sacrificing too much to bring down the price. If you want to read the full review you can find it on the Auto Express website, and the car is available for purchase at your nearest Ford dealership.

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