The new Ford Escape gets even quieter

Ford has found some very innovative ways over the years to both reduce the noise that their vehicles produce, and eliminate noise inside the cabin.  Just recently with the unveiling of one of the company's new Ford cars for sale, the Ford Escape, engineers reported that it was going to be the quietest model of the popular SUV so far.

The noise reduction has been developed by using a specially designed elliptical acoustic mirror. Working much like a satellite dish, the mirror has a microphone located a short distance away that identifies locations where noise penetrates the cars body. This in turn has meant many improvements within the Ford vehicle, ensuring a much quieter interior for drivers.

The technology is already in use, but mainly within the European luxury car market, and was originally used for detecting aircraft before radar.  For more details on Ford and their range of vehicles, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealership.


Image credit: Autoviva (Flickr)