Simon Cowell spotted in classic Ford car


Simon Cowell, the music mogul, television personality and A list celebrity, has recently been spotted cruising through Beverly Hills in a classic Ford car.

Being highly successful means having the choice to spend your money on most things you would like to, including cars, which is something that Simon Cowell has made a habit of in the past. This time he has chosen something that offers so much more than supercar technology or futuristic curves; a Ford model B.

Spotted out and about in what can only be described as one of the most classic and iconic vehicles in the world, the Ford Model B and was in production between 1932 and 1934 so it's certainly not something you could pick up from your nearest Ford car dealership anymore. The Hot Rod vehicle oozes class and is a far cry from the other vehicles in his collection, or those that he is snapped getting out of.

Even if the Ford Model B is out of your own price range you can find plenty of Ford cars for sale to take your fancy and with so many great features as standard, you will be buying into the great motoring heritage that is Ford.

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