Report finds independent garage rates on the rise


If you have ever had to decide upon where to take your vehicle to a garage to have work carried out, you will have seen a large gap between independent and franchised dealers. A new report has just been released by a leading car warranty company that has shown that the gap has narrowed quite substantially.

The report, carried out by Warranty Direct, showed that the 4,250 workshops that their customers used had seen their labour rates increase by 6.44% compared to the previous year. This should sway those that decide to spend less on repairs or servicing work by not taking them to say a franchised Ford car dealership.

Garage labour prices differ greatly by area across the UK with some drivers paying just £6.60 per hour whilst others, such as those in Hertfordshire, pay rates as high as £201.60.

Another saving that you can make on repairs is by investing in new or used Ford cars