One of the largest fleet / commercial van websites and publications Fleet World, has just released a guide to reducing accidents. The article includes some safety features and key areas to consider, whether you are a driver or a manager within the van industry.
An important section of the safety article focuses upon optional extras and whether they are worth buying when investing in a new vehicle. Here are just a few of the main pointers that the post covers:-
Bulkheads - Making sure that your van has a bulkhead fitted can help immensely if you are involved in an accident in your van. They help by stopping any cargo in the vehicle from moving into the driver and passenger area.
Parking sensors - These are now becoming more and more common as standard on vehicles such as Ford Transit vans. They are ideal to help with knocks and minor scratches.
ESC - Short for Electronic Stability Control, this system has been called the most important safety feature since the seatbelt and works by correcting sideways skids. This feature is standard on many new vehicles such as new Ford vans and is even set to become law in 2014 on new commercial vehicles.
For more information you can find the safety article here.