Lost film of old Ford car has been discovered

Footage that is over 100 years old of a Ford Model T car driving up Ben Nevis has been discovered after it had been feared lost.

The film was shot in May 1911 and shows Henry Alexander Jr. drive the Model T car, which is a world away from the new and used Ford cars in Dorchester that you can get your hands on today, drive up and then down the highest mountain in the UK.

Those that want to see the video can visit The British Film Institute as they have made the footage available via their website.

Publicity stunt to show Ford’s power

The footage was taken as the American car maker aimed to show the British public that this car was superior to hand-crafted British models.

The publicity stunt saw the Model T car compete against a wide variety of weathers including snow, hail and strong winds as it ascended 4,409ft to the top of Ben Nevis. During the stunt, the car was assembled just before its ascent and then dismantled and reassembled for its journey back down the mountain.

Following the news that this lost film has been discovered, there are a growing number of people hoping to build a bronze sculpture of the Ford Model T car.

The Ben Nevis Bronze Ford Committee are hoping to raise £86,000 to buy a full-size bronze statue of the Ford Model T vehicle and for the sculpture to then be put up in Fort William.

A spokesperson for the British Film Institute, told the Scotsman, “Even 104 years later, it’s still a very impressive feat. It would have been shown widely in cinemas as part of a wider programme.”

Today, Ford sells some of the most sought-after cars and car sales in Taunton and across the UK continue to rise, but this can in part be put down to this amazing publicity stunt.

Image Credit: Greg Gjerdingen (flickr.com)

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