Iconic Fords are showroom focus

Ford's latest family car, the new Focus, has just met up with two much older sisters in Poole.

The car is on display at the English Ford showroom and, alongside, is an example of Ford's first mass-market car, the Model T, and one of its most famous performance models, the wedge-nose RS2000.

"There has been a great deal of interest in the new Focus and having two such historic models alongside it is bound to create a stir," said Alan Macdonald, the newly-appointed sales manager at English Ford.

"Foray Motor Group acquired the Model T, now its oldest asset, along with its newest asset, the Ford dealership in Trowbridge, two months ago.

"Ford is celebrating its centenary this year and the first car it ever made in Britain was the Model T - it went into production at Old Trafford in Manchester during 1913 and made the locale famous long before a certain football team hit world headlines.

"Our particular Model T, an open Tourer, was made in America and imported to the UK in 1995. It's a real challenge to drive with its peculiar pedal layout and a driving position that dwarfs most modern 4x4s.

"The RS2000 was sold new by English Ford in 1978 and is now fully restored with 88,000 miles on the clock. It belongs to Dean Patten, one of our technicians.

"It's a prime example of the last of the rear drive Escorts from an iconic motorsport era just before Ford brought out the Escort Mark 3 in 1980, its first front wheel drive family-size car. The Focus took over the Escort's mantle as top-selling family car in the UK when the original arrived in 1998 and has kept the title every year since."