How to get the best deal on a car or van in 2016

Everyone wants to get the best deal they can when buying a new or used vehicle and many consumers still believe haggling is the best way to get a great deal.

However, times have changed and now consumers are more well-informed than they ever have been and people nowadays research everything on the internet, including when buying a new car or van.

So with this in mind we have compiled a number of handy tips consumers can follow during the buying process.

Tips on getting the best deal

1. Browse online

According to research by Auto Trader, consumers on average spend around 11 hours online picking out the vehicle that’s right for them before even visiting a forecourt.

By browsing online consumers can get an idea of how much certain models cost and find out about the features a specific model boasts in detail.

2. Check out dealerships and used car listings

It is important to conduct research on car dealership websites and used car listings to gauge a price for vehicles, both new and used.

Nathan Coe, who is Auto Trader’s operations director, said, “As consumers and car retailers have the same expectations on price, the need for awkward haggling is eliminated, as both parties have easier access to clear information on car price comparison.

“On average, consumers conduct more than a million valuations a month on Auto Trader, so if retailers are aligned to these valuations it will alleviate the need for haggling and make the sale easier.”

As a guide, the Foray Motor Group website regularly has over 300 used cars and vans across Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire.

3. Do one last check

It has also been revealed that when consumers visit Ford car and van dealers in Taunton or another dealership within the UK, 81 per cent use a mobile device on the forecourt to compare prices.

It is wise to do one last check via your mobile before buying a new or used car or van, because you will kick yourself if you see a better deal a few days later.

What dealers are doing to make comparing prices easy

Offer Part-exchange vehicles

Some dealerships offer part-exchange, which is where your existing car or van is valued and the vehicle is then sold to the dealership. This money then goes toward the cost of a new car or van. This has become very popular and Foray Motor Group has recommended consumers use a new functionality on their site to do this.

Tom Croft, who is group sales manager at Foray Motor Group, said, “If you’re looking to part exchange, we have included the functionality into our website (a feature in the advanced search and on every used car detail page) so people can get an idea of the value of their part exchange.”

Competitively price their cars against benchmarks

Car dealers put in a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that their vehicles are priced competitively and fairly depending on the vehicle’s history.

Foray’s Tom Croft, adds, “Used cars are very well-priced – they have to be. We continually review our prices 3 times a week to ensure our customers get the very best deal.”

The majority of the cars Foray’s dealerships sell have had one owner and come with a full service history. Foray Motor Group do sell cars up to 8 years old if the condition, ownership and history reflect the firm’s high standards.

For more car buying tips check out this guide.

Image Credit: Volodymyr Baleha.