Great gifts for car-obsessed children


Is your little one obsessed with everything cars, trucks, buses and more? Whether a toddler or a teenager, an interest in vehicles is something that overcomes a lot of children. It’s also an interest that is wonderful to nurture and enjoy together.

If you have a child or know a child who is in this boat, and are on the hunt for the perfect gift, look no further as we give some gift ideas for car-obsessed children.

Ride-On Car

What could be a better gift for a child who sees car journeys as rollercoaster rides than a ride-on car of their own? A fun purchase, you can get ride-on cars in all of your favourite styles. You can even get them their very own Ford Ranger to match you own!

Petra from A Mum Reviews suggested this, telling us: “A great gift for children who are car obsessed are ride-on cars from RideStar. They are modelled on real car makes so look very authentic. Here's a chance to have the car of your dreams but in a smaller format! My kids love to race around on theirs in the garden. They are fun for a wide age range and great quality too."

Young Driver Lessons

Early Driving Lessons

For teenagers who cannot wait until they are old enough to get behind the wheel, why not consider Young Driver driving lessons? Children can start as young as 5 years old and from 10 years of age, they can take a driving lesson in a standard-size car. The venues are all on private land, so you won’t need to worry about the possibility of other road users and it’s a great way to get your child ahead of the curve for driver training.

The daughter of Steph from the blog Steph’s Two Girls took a Young Driver lesson at the age of 10, and on her blog, Steph explains: “Research shows that children in their early teens absorb safety messages more than the know-it-all driving age teenagers. It also suggests that encouraging children to learn over a longer period of time halves the likelihood of them having an accident shortly after they pass their test.”

Carpet City Rug

A staple of any child’s bedroom, the Carpet City Rug gives your little ones the perfect place to drive their toy cars and use their imagination. It’s also a great way to start teaching children about road laws and road safety. After all, these kinds of lessons are best to take place inside the home rather than on the side of a busy street and with only a few toy cars, a few small figures and your Carpet City Rug you can have a fun and potentially life-saving lesson.

Young child playing with remote control car

Remote-controlled Car

Stomping outside to an empty car park or local park and blasting your remote-controlled car around is a memory many people have from their childhood. And, as technology has progressed, so have remote-controlled cars which are now faster, sleeker and cooler. This simple gift is great fun and can be a fantastic excuse to get into the great outdoors and away from a screen as well.

What’s more, if you are looking to advance your child in their STEM subjects (whilst playing of course) there are now myriad options on the market for self-build remote control cars. Not only a fun parent-child project to do together, but a great way to help even the youngest children get a taste for engineering.

Driving Experiences

For older kids who aren’t behind the wheel yet or are but want to experience something exhilarating, there are some amazing driving experiences available around the UK. Whether it is a self-drive experience in an unusual vehicle like a Fire Truck, or a professional driver hitting high speeds around a rally track with your giftee in tow, driving experiences are great and memorable days out for car lovers.

There are a whole range of driving experiences around the UK and for many, you’ll even be able to go and spectate so you can make a full day of it and an exciting experience for all.

Racing Car Bed

For really little ones, what could be more exciting than being tucked into a racing car bed each night? A novel idea, the racing car bed can be the perfect accompaniment to any car-theme bedroom and can even go a long way to making those oh-so-often difficult bedtimes go smoother. If you are a dab hand with DIY, you could even make the bed yourself with your child and involve them in everything from the design to the creation.

Great gifts for car-obsessed children:

  • Ride-On Car
  • Carpet City Rug
  • Early Driving Lessons
  • Remote-controlled Car
  • Driving Experiences
  • Racing Car Bed

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