Ford unveils new folding bike

It is no secret that Ford Motor Company are looking at travel as a whole rather than focusing purely on automobile transport. As it was reported recently, they are investing in research and initiatives aimed at reducing city traffic and their most recent announcement looks to improve on this aim even further as Ford unveils their folding bike.

As a part of its Smart Mobility project, Ford have developed their third evolution and most versatile eBike, the MoDe:Flex. Ford recognise that for some city workers it is not as easy to go along to a Ford car dealer in Wiltshire to pick up a vehicle for the daily commute so they have begun a path to full mobility and travel for all.

“The world on wheels”

Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford said in this article, “My great-grandfather helped put the world on wheels so everyone could enjoy the benefits of mobility,” and they are following through with this modest aim with a variety of new concepts and initiatives for the modern world, the latest being the MoDe:Flex. The bike is easily reconfigurable for different customer needs and can be adapted for road, mountain or city riding.

The below video gives an introduction to this revolutionary new city traffic solution and explains a bit more about how Ford is leading the way in reducing congestion and making mobility easy and stress-free for all.

The two previous MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro eBikes were introduced in March and, much like them, the MoDe:Flex connects seamlessly with a rider’s smartphone via the MoDe:Link app. The app gives the rider real-time information on the weather, congestion, parking costs, time, traffic and public transportation and aims to make the commute quicker and easier. This is just a handful of the app’s features where it also offers health information and route planning.

A new extension is also being introduced for smartwatch users, bringing them real-time data straight to their wrist.

The eBikes are still in their trial phase currently, as with many of the other initiatives being run by Ford as a part of the Smart Mobility project, so you may still be paying a visit to popular Ford Hampshire dealers yet but, who knows, soon you may see state-of-the-art bikes and other forms of transportation alongside the typical Focus and Fiesta models.

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