Ford set to roll out five electric cars


The Ford Motor Company has been busy releasing information regarding their electric vehicle production vision for the near future.

The company are to invest $135million in bringing battery testing in-house rather than the previous practice of partnerships and outside development. This will certainly be a boost to the development of new hybrid vehicles, with the blue oval commenting it could help boost and speed up development by 25%.

This year Ford will launch three electrified vehicles, the electric Ford cars for sale will be the C-MAX Energi, Fusion Hybrid and the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, all of which are expected to begin production before the end of 2012.

 The new plans will mean even more choice for car buyers who are interested in purchasing a more economical and eco-friendly vehicle. Even though the majority of Electric Ford vehicles are currently only available within America, it is expected they could soon be available at your nearest Ford car dealership in the future.