Ford ramp up green efforts with car sharing project

Despite Ford being one of the biggest selling car brands in the world, one innovative new project is demonstrating how the company is actually looking to reduce the number of vehicles unnecessarily taking up space on the world’s roads, as the group helps to launch a car sharing scheme.

The programme is being set up as a partnership between the parent company and one of Germany’s leading specialist Ford car dealership outlets, with the scheme expected to be rolled out across the whole country. As has often been the case with ‘green’ initiatives before, Ford is once again leading the way with this car sharing idea: the German project is the first of its kind to have been established by a manufacturer and their dealers anywhere in the world. 

The platform will be known as FORD2G0 and, if it proves to be a success amongst users, there are tentative plans for it to be expanded across the rest of Europe and beyond. The dealerships involved with the programme will both provide cars and help to coordinate the sharing of services between residents in their town, which Ford hopes will lead to a favourable combination of less congestion and carbon emissions.

A recent study commissioned by Ford suggests that people should react positively to having the opportunity to car share more often, with a reported 56 per cent of respondents saying that they would currently consider taking part in such a scheme.  

This latest plan, perhaps more so than any other to have been announced so far, is a true indication of just how seriously Ford takes its responsibility for helping to make the world a cleaner, more environmentally sustainable place; the fact that the manufacturers are now working to actually lower the amount of vehicles in use is a testament to the green credentials of new and used Ford car dealers alike, as well as the wider company as a whole.

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