Ford named as one of top brands using Google+


Ford has been named by a marketing company as one of the top brands using Google+ as part of their social media strategy.

The recent addition to the social media scene from the search engine giant has seen a slow but steady start, with reports showing there are over 100 million registered users using the service.

The company didn't use the network to start promoting Ford cars for sale but used it for brand awareness by posting photos and encouraging users to add comments. The user with the most +1s (Google+'s version of Facebook's Likes) won.

Ford showed initiative by launching their competition just a week after the launch of the brand new social media site, something that has no doubt earned them the reputation as one of the top brands using the service.

The Foray motor group have both Facebook and Twitter accounts and have a Google+ account coming in the near future.

Image credit: Xirritate