Ford increase production at their plants

Ford have been doing better and better recently, easily climbing out of the grim economic climate that has gripped the rest of the world for so long. They've been doing so well, in fact, that the number of Ford cars for sale in North America can no longer keep up with demand there. This is a problem that the company are happy to deal with though, preferring it to not selling enough cars to keep factories operational.

Normally, the plants responsible for building the cars close for two weeks, allowing upgrades and refitting to take place so that they can begin the production of the next year's model. Now, that will all take place in just one week, with the reclaimed week being used to continue producing the old models.

In addition to this, Ford is adding an extra shift at three of its factories already. It's certainly a good time for the motor company.

Image courtesy of Flickr user PhillipC.