Ford Fusion exhibition opens in America


With less than a month to go before the new Ford Fusion gets launched in America, the Ford Motor Company has been collaborating with multimedia artists and art studios across the states. With the aim being to produce Ford Fusion inspired artwork.

The project is entitled ‘Wall to Wall: The Fusion Collective' and mixes digital and physical art forms to encompass the design strategy that Ford has used on the Fusion.  The Fusion, much like many of the newly designed Ford cars for sale, has been designed using virtual reality technology and has been manufactured using sustainable materials.

Ford has certainly brought in some of the most creative forces on the planet for the exhibition, including American musician and producer Pharrell Williams, an ex creative director for Lady Ga Ga and some of the biggest names in fashion design.

The exhibition has opened in New York and will soon then be moving to Los Angeles.

The new Ford Fusion is currently only set for release in America but you will find a great deal of new and used Ford cars at your nearest Ford dealership. 

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