Ford aim to reduce global emissions by 30 percent before 2025

Ford has enjoyed huge success since initially being founded by Henry Ford back in 1903. They've grown to become one of the most successful companies in the world. Winning countless awards during their unprecedented history, the flagship Ford cars – such as the Fiesta, Mondeo and Galaxy – are considered to be among the finest in their respective classes.

To safeguard both their own future and the wellbeing of the planet, the Ford Motor Company have named a reduction of emissions as a future priority at its global facilities, aiming to cutback by almost a third before 2025.

The news comes from the company's 14th annual Sustainability report, issued this week. It is the latest in a series of green measures by the company, which is looking at everything from its new products to manufacturing processes to see if they can be achieved in a more sustainable fashion.

One of the measures introduced was Ford's 'Blueprint for Sustainability', with the motoring giant aiming to use less water and electricity at its plants while also pursuing a number of recycling avenues. Although the corporation have managed to achieve a 10% drop in emissions since 2000, they're hoping to reduce them by a further 30% before 2025.

As an effort to help meet the target figure, 325 suppliers were trained in sustainability management last year as part of the company's Code of Human Rights, Basic Working Conditions and Corporate responsibility.

With this in mind, it is clear that Ford is an advocate of providing not only the finest customer services, but also of helping ensure the safety of the planet. Visit an expert Ford dealership today and discover why the company are held in such high regard all over the world.

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