Foray Group plays vital role

Foray Motor Group is now playing a vital role in providing mobility for disabled people with 1,450 vehicles across its Ford UK dealers on its Motability fleet.

Motability is a scheme that meets daily transportation needs for disabled people aged three years and over who have difficulty walking. To qualify, people need to be in receipt of the right elements of the mobility supplement for Disabled Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or War Pensions.

"It is a brilliant scheme for assisting the disabled," explains Tom Croft, Foray Group sales manager.

"We have Motability specialists in every one of our sales teams and although we supply a steady flow of cars throughout the year there are always peaks in March and September.

"Motability provides a complete support service, with insurance and maintenance included in the contract, which normally lasts for three years but can extend to five years for specially adapted vehicles.

"Many people come back to us to renew their contracts - ordering a new vehicle is straightforward and the old one is retained by the user until the new one arrives."
Among those taking a new vehicle through Ford Motability in March is Andover business owner Maurice Hardy - who replaced his previous Ford S-MAX TDCi Powershift with an identical new car.

"I recommended several people to Motability but never thought I would end up using the scheme myself," says Maurice.

"But after two bouts of ankle surgery I am not able to walk far and Motability is a great help - the car is even insured for my business trips. Dealing with the team at Andover Ford is easy and their Motability adviser Nick Martell eased the process of swapping cars. The service team has also been a great help and I'm looking forward to using the latest S-MAX."