Figures reveal Ford Focus as most popular car in the UK

While the Ford Fiesta still sits top of the pile in terms of new car sales, recent data has shown that the Ford Focus is far ahead in the used car market, as it's the most popular car in the UK.

Data which was released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows there are now almost 32 million cars on the roads of the UK, with new and second hand Ford Focus models accounting for 1,462,735 of the overall number. It is worth mentioning, however, that the Fiesta is close behind in second, with the 1,423,254 models recorded indicating its overwhelming popularity among British drivers.

Among the best of last 50 years

The Ford Focus revolutionised the compact car market upon its release in 1998, with the replacement of the Escort becoming an instant hit with the general public, as well as earning praise from critics; the Mk1 was named as the European Car of the Year in 1999. Now into its third generation, its variety of engine outputs and the choice available between estate, hatchback and saloon models has helped it win many awards over previous years and, despite its relatively brief history, it was recently named as one of the best cars of the last 50 years by CAR Magazine.

With Ford boasting the two most commonly driven cars in the UK, this outlines not only the popularity but also the high quality and reliance which the Blue Oval looks to implement into its fleet of vehicles. If you are interested in learning why so many UK drivers choose the Focus badge, head down to one of the certified Ford dealers operated by the Foray Motor Group today.

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