February Van Sales Statistics Double January’s


The latest report on the United Kingdom’s van market has been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, (SMMT), and the news is nothing but good for sales, and particularly for Ford.

According to just-released numbers, February showed a marked increase in the number of light commercial vehicles registered in the UK, with the number jumping by 28.2 percent. January’s sales showed an increase of 12.9 percent over the previous year. The new numbers are particularly encouraging because February is traditionally the slowest time of the year for van registrations. Previously sales have run as low as half of a typical month, and only 25% of sales during the busiest months of March and September.

Actual sales figures show that van sales totaled 11,731 units in February, and that’s nothing but good news according to Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of the SMMT. “Growing van registrations supported the February vehicle market as middle and heavy-weight vans enjoyed healthy rises, reflecting improving economic activity,” he said.

The only segment of the van market that showed a sales drop was pickup trucks, which fell by 9.9 percent, while the segment that showed the most growth was the 2.5 to 3.5-tonnes vans, which climbed 23.8 percent.

As for specific brands, once again Ford led the way, showing an increase of 1.2 percent over last year’s stellar numbers and accounting for 25 percent of the market.

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