Could the new Ford Focus RS have 340bhp?

Further details have emerged on the specification of the eagerly-awaited Ford Focus RS, with the power outage coming from the sporty compact car likely to exceed its initial estimate.

Although Ford did already state at the Geneva Motor Show that the model would boast 316bhp, an article from CAR Magazine has suggested that the initial figure could swell somewhat before it becomes available in a Ford dealership in Taunton, Salisbury and other areas where we operate.

While it’s too early to specify the exact power, it’s likely that the model could offer as much as 340bhp, with even more being packed in should there be a limited edition mode – especially as the Ford Focus RS500 from the last generation seeing an extra 45bhp compared to the standard model. Unfortunately it will remain hearsay until the final figures on power will be confirmed later this year, but that won’t stop the masses from getting excited!

As we already mentioned in this post from last month, the Ford Focus RS is set to be equipped with a 2.3L EcoBoost engine to provide a cocktail of speed and excitement for those behind the wheel. It also promises to be more than your average road car, with the equipping of 4WD and the new ‘drift mode’ aiming to offer an unforgettable driving experience.

The RS will arrive sooner rather than later

Although previous versions of the RS have arrived long after the respective generation, such as in the case of the RS Mk1 and Mk2, Dave Pericak, Director of Ford Performance, said at the Geneva Motor Show that there would be a much shorter delay in the case of this model – meaning customers won’t have to wait long for one of the most long-awaited brand new Ford vehicles on the market today.

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