Coaching Driver Behaviour Improves Safety

Vue, a CCTV firm that provides services to commercial fleets, is introducing a new program called ReVue that will offer evidence-based driver training. The move comes following research indicating the effectiveness of coaching on fleet driver safety.

ReVue will base much of its training on actual footage of a driver’s performance derived from footage from cameras that are placed within the vehicles themselves. Onboard cameras capture actual behaviors that are both easily identifiable and undeniable, forcing drivers to take responsibility for their unsafe attitudes, thus creating a more effective approach and real improvement.

The study upon which Vue based their introduction of the service was conducted by BSAP (the British School of Applied Psychology), and determined that both data recorders and on-board cameras had a marked improvement on drivers and the way that they performed. The improvement was enhanced by coaching and feedback.

When management provided intervention based on actual footage and data, actual change was seen and drivers exhibited a higher degree of safety consciousness. Improving both the quality and the frequency of this feedback yielded even greater results, which is why ReVue’s service offerings will include training for those management personnel that will be providing feedback to the drivers. The goal is to keep feedback positive while using actual footage and data to back up the message.

The results of the study have generated a tremendous amount of interest in both fleet managers and the companies that insure commercial fleets. ReVue represents a supplement to the in-vehicle data recording technology provided by its parent company Vue, which includes data about speed, braking, excessive G-force and more and sends the information via a mobile network.

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