The UK trade body for commercial vehicle companies, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed favourable support for the Transport for London's (TFL's) scheme to reduce air pollution in London.
An FTA spokesperson has indicated many of the fleet operators involved with the FTA are now using best practices with the aim to reduce carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs. The serious issues associated with pollution have been highlighted by TFL, as they estimate around 4,300 people die every year as a result of the capitals' air pollution.
Many points have been highlighted in order to combat this concerning situation such as; reducing engine idling (even for short periods), thus reducing engine emissions and improves local air quality. Also many new light commercial vehicles like the new Ford Transit van which offers many new features such as electronic start-stop technology and many new CO2 reduction features with their new generation of cleaner engines.
So to find out more about cleaner and greener technology included on new Ford vans when you are considering your next purchase, visit your local Ford dealer.