British Gas Embraces Ford Transit

The United Kingdom’s biggest name in the installation of central heating systems, British Gas, has given a strong “thumbs up” to the Ford Transit van, placing an order for over 500 of the popular vehicle for use by their operators and engineers.

British Gas’s fleet manager, Colin Marriott, announced the purchase the other day, saying “It was a no-brainer really. The vans used by our central heating installation engineers are a vital resource for them and they love the Transit. When we asked, they said: “Give us the same again please.”

The reasons why the service-oriented company chose the new Ford Transit Custom was because it made good business sense. The van’s 125PS 2.2 litre TDCI diesel engine, built in Dagenham, gives it the advantage of leading its class in petrol economy and in the all-important low-emissions. British Gas also pointed to the fact that they would be able to save a good deal by relocating their custom racking systems they are currently using on their existing fleet onto the new fleet.

The Ford Transit vans also offer the advantage of having an unusually large load capacity, which enables British Gas to store equipment inside of the van rather than mounting it to the exterior, thus adding an important layer of security for their capital investments.

British Gas has a clearly delineated system in place for determining what the optimum time is for replacing their fleet, and in analyzing the Ford Transit they determined that it provided optimum cost benefits.

The company ordered a variety of versions of the vehicles, with some including four wheel drive for use in extreme weather conditions.

Ford’s Stephen Gafson, the company’s direct sales manager, was understandably proud that their vehicles were chosen yet again by such an industry leader. “It is with good reason that the Ford Transit is known as Britain’s favourite van.”