TomTom iPhone Car Kit

21st December 2009

You know what its like, driving around in your Ford Ka pretending not to be lost, whilst trying to work out where you are without having to resort to the map and let everyone else in the car know that you are in fact lost. At this point you have two options: Option 1: Try and get the passenger to tell you where you are and where you need to go in …

Car Modifications

21st December 2009

For many years people have opted for car modifications. Not all of which have been with in the confines of the law. However this hasn't stopped many people adding their own individual touches to make their car a little more unique.  The newest motors offered by Ford dealerships allow for additional modifications opening up the appeal to …

Ford Probe 1989 - 1997

21st December 2009

We all have our favourite sports cars and there are many outstanding models that catch our attention and the imagination of millions. The obvious ones would be Porsche, Ferrari and the Aston Martin to name but a few. Yet there are other sports cars that have been overlooked and have been produced by some manufactures that you would not have usually…