Making sure you stay inside the speed limit

Intelligent Speed Assist’s main purpose is to heighten your speed control; this allows you to concentrate on the road first. To begin with, the Traffic Sign Recognition camera will detect the current speed limit automatically (when activated), and then the system will adjust your maximum speed to that limit. (Optional extra)

Parking with ease

Steer into parallel or perpendicular spaces without even touching the steering wheel, thanks to Active Park Assist. Simply push a button and this innovative system with use sensors to locate a suitable space for you as you drive past. It will then automatically steer you into position, all you have to do is operate the accelerator, brakes and gear. There will be on-screen instruction to help you carry out this manoeuvre. It will then pull out of that space when you require it too!

Automatic headlamps that turn on when needed

The Transit Connects slimmer automatic headlights combine eye-catching LED daytime running lights with extremely powerful HID Xenon lamps. The Transit Connect has a built-in sensor that detects light fall, or when there is a sudden change in light. This causes the headlights to turn on automatically, making driving both safer and easier. (Option on selected models)

Never miss road signs again

Traffic Sign Recognition helps you to see signs you might miss, whether they are above the road or beside it, temporary or permanent. On the instrument cluster, you can see an icon of the speed or a no-overtaking sign, this will change every time it detects you have entered a new limit. (Option on selected models)

Technology keeping you in lane

The advanced Lane Keeping System uses the forward-looking camera to make sure you are not drifting out of your lane unintentionally. The car will then warn you by vibrating the steering wheel whilst also displaying a visual warning. If you don’t react to the warnings, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to guide you back into your lane. This technology is designed to work on dual carriageways and motorways, so will automatically switch off in speeds below 43mph, or you can turn it off manually. (Optional extra)

Parking sensors to ease the stress

To help you judge the distance between your Transit Connect and any obstacles in front or behind you, you can have front and rear parking distance sensors. When the sensors detect an obstacle, they will alert you with a visual and audible warning; this will intensify the closer you get to the object. Rear Parking sensors come as standard on Limited series.

1.5 EcoBlue diesel engine

The Transit Connect is available with 75 PS, 100 PS and 120 PS TDCi diesel engines, which boast refine power and superb efficiency. This offers you fuel economy as low as 4.7/100km (56 mpg) and 123/km CO2 emissions. When you are driving in the town or city, or even on long drives on the motorway, the smooth torque delivery is next to none on hills or even over-taking.

Fords 1.0 EcoBoost engine

Our multiple award-winning EcoBoost petrol engines deliver the same performance as larger engines, but with incredibly low emissions and fuel economy, with turbocharging, variable valve timing and direct petrol injection.

Advanced new 8-speed automatic transmission

The stunning Transit Connect now features a sophisticated new 8-speed automatic transmission. This incredible van has been engineered from the ground up; it now has improved acceleration and gear changes making your journey more enjoyable, whilst also having better fuel efficiency and performance.

The incredible SYNC 3 – hands free system

With Ford SYNC 3 you can control your smartphone, navigation and music with either voice commands or the stylish new 6” colour touchscreen. Live Traffic alerts you of any incident or congestion helping you to avoid them. Simply tell your Transit Connect you’re hungry and it will bring up a list of local restaurants! (Optional extra)

Built in charging

Charge your smartphone on the go, with built-in wireless charging in the stowage! This is only available on compatible smartphones. (Optional extra)

Stay connected on and off the road!

The eye-catching Transit Connect is now available with the innovative FordPass Connect modem. This is designed to ensure every journey is smooth and enjoyable. FordPass Connect brings an abundance features such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi for up to ten passengers, allowing your passengers to play songs and videos on the go, helping those long journeys fly past. Another feature includes real-time traffic updates that get delivered directly to your satnav, making sure you arrive on time.

Start your New Transit Connects engine using your smartphone!

The FordPass app now incorporates FordPass Connect making connectivity more powerful than ever! Simply connect your smartphone up to your Transit Connect and you can take advantage of a wide range of incredible new features. If you have lost your vehicle in a car park, simply open up the app and a map will show you where to find it. You can also remotely lock and unlock your van using your mobile! This is helpful as you can double-check you’ve locked your van even if you are not near it, or even let a friend or work colleague access it when you’re not there.

A smart device dock

The Transit Connect comes with a built in home for all your devices such as your Smartphone, satnav or even MP3 Played, it also includes a USB connectivity port. (Available on Base series)

Fords Key-free system

The Transit Connect detects whether you have your key fob on you, whether it’s in your pocket or even your bag. Simply step inside your Transit Connect and push the Ford Power starter button and the engine will start. (Standard on Limited series)

Endless room

The Transit Connect comes with a new improved centre console, featuring USB connectivity with charging, a 12-volt power socket, two cup-holders and also areas designed to hold A4 folders. (Standard with dual passenger seats)

Get on the move quickly with Fords Quickclear windscreen

Fords innovative windscreens are designed to ensure you get on the road as quick as possible on those bitter mornings. Simply press a button and ultra-thin filaments will superheat the windscreen to de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen as well as helping de-frosting the wiper blades. (Standard on Trend and Limited series)

Live saving technology

Pre-Collision Assist detects objects ahead, whether it is a pedestrian or vehicle on the road ahead, or a potential danger of something entering your vehicle's path. Your Transit Connect will warn you of their presence. If you fail to notice the object the system will automatically apply your brakes. This technologies main purpose is to reduce the severity of an accident or to completely avoid them, it functions at speeds of up to 50 mph. (Optional extra)

Help in difficult driving conditions

Electronic Stability Control is a system built to constantly monitor your vehicle’s progress. If you are starting to lose grip on the road, it will automatically apply a braking pulse to each wheel, helping to stabilise it.

Impeccable control with little to no effort

The Transit Connect will give you the best performance, grim and stability, due to an advanced Traction Control System which wipes out any excessive wheelspin. This innovative system constantly monitors the power delivered to each wheel and will adjust it to give the best amount of grip when pulling away.

Trailer Sway Control

This system detects if your trailer is ‘snaking’ or swaying and will then reduce your vehicle’s speed to correct the issue, making towing more secure and safe. Trailer Sway Control will slow down your Transit Connect by decreasing the engine’s torque whilst also gradually increasing the brakes pressure on each wheel

Accurate, controlled braking with advanced systems

Working together, the anti-lock braking system and electronic brake-force distribution will ensure that your braking is efficient and effective. To ensure safe and effective stopping when you really need it, emergency brake assist will automatically increase the pressure on the brakes, when it senses that you are braking with urgency.

Clever load-through storage

Thanks to the useful load-through bulkhead, you’re able to carry even longer items! In the L1 van, you can carry items up to 3 metres in length, and up to 3.4 metres in length in the L2 models. (Load-through bulkhead is optional on Base, Trend and Limited vans when ordered with dual passenger seats.)

Huge load space

Transit Connect features an innovative, full design of steel bulkhead to increase functional load space by circa 50 litres and there's room for two euro-pallets or four standard 8’ x 4’ boards in the load box.