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Never miss vital signs

Multiple road signs are a sign of the times – but you can stay connected with the most important thanks to your van’s Traffic Sign Recognition magic eye. When the speed limit changes so does the dashboard icon, which also lets you know when overtaking is banned, too.

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Keeping an eye on the road ahead

It’s easy to drift off line while driving on roads like motorways but the clever camera in your van is deployed by the Lane Keeping System to warn you via steering wheel vibrations and a visual icon if you stray away from a straight line at speeds above 43 mph. A change to steering stiffness guides you back if you don’t respond.

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When it time to be seen

Light levels can drop quite quickly and switching on your lights can get forgotten, especially when you are driving on brightly lit routes. But your Transit Connect can detect the change and automatically switch on headlights, a brilliant driving and safety aid.

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  • Never miss vital signs
  • Keeping an eye on the road ahead
  • When it time to be seen
  • No-see parker
  • Eyes behind
  • Automatic dip reduces dazzle
  • Look round corners
  • Wipe away rain automatically
  • Easy driver
  • Help to stay alert
  • Saving you legwork
  • Seeing in those blind spots
  • Stay still on a hill
  • Weight control
  • Emergency help at hand
  • Hands-free for safety
  • An office on wheels
  • Melting moments
  • In the hot seat
  • Keep cool
  • MyKey® locks away those worries
  • System puts a cap on misfuelling
  • Mirrors stay protected
  • Single touch with multi-function
  • Steering your way to comfort
  • Everything has its place
  • All the power you need
  • One 1.5L Duratorq TDCi, three power outputs
  • The engine stops, fuel saving starts
  • Smooth operator
  • Driving better fuel consumption
  • Thinking ahead
  • Stable in any conditions
  • Get a grip
  • Tow the line
  • Emergency stopping power
  • Warning other drivers
  • Puncture warning
  • Airbags cushion the blow
  • Belt up
  • Siren system
  • The choice is yours
  • The key to security
  • Shielded locks
  • Intelligent locks
  • Keeping thieves at bay
  • Long loads easily accommodated
  • Travel three-up
  • Tie-down points to keep your cargo secure
  • Lighting your load
  • Spick and span in your van
  • More time on the road
  • Build quality is standard

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