Ford Chassis Cab 

The ground-breaking Ford Transit Chassis Cab is made to work hard, whatever the weather. And make no mistake - this is a durable van. The versatile and dependable base allows for a vast number of different conversions to suit your business' demands. All standard body types (dropside, luton etc.), and a large number of bespoke solutions can be easily attached with only minor modifications, or none at all! The robust Ford build and mechanics, paired with the cutting-edge Ford EcoBlue technology, delivers impressive performance and power, but with lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs. We sell the Ford Transit Chassis Cab at our two Ford Transit Centres in Yeovil & Poole. So head on down to your nearest Foray Transit dealership and in contact with our highly experienced Commercial Sales team today and book a test drive!

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Automatically better

Driving can be hard work, so what better way to remove some of the daily effort than choosing SelectShift automatic transmission on your next Transit Chassis Cab? The six speed gearbox is offered with both the all-new 130 PS and 170 PS Ford EcoBlue 2.0L TDCi engines. While you can still change gear manually should you wish, selecting drive from the gearshift on the fascia is the easy way to go. But when things get difficult on slippery or steep surfaces, you can still lock out gears for easier progress.

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Driver Alert System tells you when you’re getting tired

Driver Alert System constantly monitors your driving behaviour and is designed to detect any changes that could be caused by fatigue. If the system identifies you’re becoming less vigilant, a warning icon appears in the display, suggesting you take a break. If your driving alertness further declines, the message is repeated and combined with a chime.

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Stay steady on corners

If you think the blink of an eye is fast, Transit has a safety system that’s 33 times faster! Its Torque Vectoring Control assesses the road 100 times per second top adjust power going to each front wheel. It keeps you steady on corners, and gets a grip in difficult conditions to aid handling.

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  • Automatically better
  • Driver Alert System tells you when you’re getting tired
  • Stay steady on corners
  • All-Wheel Drive thinks for itself
  • Stop the rollback
  • Side Wind Stabilisation
  • Takes a load off your mind
  • Ford SYNC could be your saviour
  • Free and easy with SYNC 3
  • Seating to suit you
  • An entertaining time
  • Easy-Fuel caps that fill-up mistake
  • Power folding wing mirrors
  • Open and close your windows with just one touch
  • Special Power Sockets
  • Fords EcoBlue TDCi engine
  • Increased performance. Decreased emissions
  • Pollution free
  • Auto-Start-Stop – Helping you use less fuel
  • A more efficient way of charging
  • More economical driving with Acceleration Control
  • Save money when changing gears
  • Always feel in control, no matter what condition
  • Constant protection from rolling over
  • Helping to keep your trailer in line
  • Curve Control helping you keep control
  • Maximum grip with minimum effort
  • More power for when emergency braking
  • No need to feel deflated
  • Airbags help cushion any impact
  • Lock it and keep it
  • Battery back-up keeps alarm active
  • Locks behind shields
  • Thatcham alarm with fox ’em
  • Just what every body wants…
  • Chassis features
  • Get straight to work
  • Seven up and off to work
  • Towering towing strength
  • Have truck, will travel
  • Trusty, not rusty
  • Foray Ford Transit Centres are here for you

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