Every Ford Ranger is built to high, demanding standards. We take the same pride in our work as you do in yours. Every single component in the Ford Ranger has been engineered for dependability and strength, with one objective clearly in mind, a quality that's built to last. The Ranger is a popular workhorse or leisure vehicle, with a wading depth of 800 mm that beats even those 4x4s claiming to be the toughest of their type, because Ranger has been tested in the world’s toughest terrain. With payloads of up to 1,340 kg and the ability to tow up to 3,500 kgs, there are few vehicles that can match what the Ranger offers for ability while none have its visual appeal, whether you want the Single, Super Cab or Double Cab styles. Ranger also offers the choice of 4x2 and 4x4 transmissions and a choice of power outputs. The can find the impressive new Ford Ranger for sale at your local Foray Transit Centre in Poole or Yeovil and ask for a commercial vehicle specialist to find out more.

If you want to get an in-depth view of the Ford Ranger before visiting our showroom, make sure you head over to our YouTube channel @ForayMotorGroup

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Cruising in complete control

Travelling long distances can be made easier with a cruise control but Ford goes one better. Its Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the speed you wish but here’s the clever bit. The system incorporates a RADAR sensor which can reduce your speed to keep a safe distance from a vehicle in front. When it’s safe to do so, your Ranger will resume your selected speed.

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Eyes front – your Ranger watches where you’re going

Accident conditions develop really quickly but what better way to help avoid them than your Ranger watching out for you. Its clever detector can sense a slower vehicle moving in the same direction and gives you both visual and audible alerts if the gap is closing quickly. In anticipation of mitigating a collision, your Ranger will pressurise the brake system and react accordingly, so even if you only apply light pressure to the pedal you will stop more quickly.

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Good vibrations

It’s easy to wander off the straight and narrow while driving, but your Ranger fitted with Lane Keeping Alert vibrates the steering wheel and gives a dashboard signal if you deviate from your lane.

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