The Titanium Edition and Vignale Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Mondeo champions fuel efficiency by effortlessly switching between its electric and petrol engine. Powered by a state-of-the-art Hybrid battery (high voltage lithium-ion technology) the traction motor operates in electric mode. If you are overtaking or accelerating at speed, the high-tech petrol engine will contribute to offer extra power.

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid has been carefully designed to bring great aerodynamics plus style, as well as state of the art technologies, the Mondeo Hybrid brings incredible fuel economy stats resulting in low running costs. This contributes to the Mondeo's high reputation and is a key reason why this car is so popular.



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Hybrid Intelligence

Better fuel economy (67MPG), lower CO2 emissions (92g/km) and if you are fleet driver reduced Benefit Inclined taxation (BIK).

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Automatic headlights with auto high/low beam

The headlights switch from high beam to low beam as soon as the system detects oncoming traffic or a pre-defined lighting level. Conversely, it detects the road is clear before automatically switching back to high beam (Included as part of the optional Driver assistance packs).

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18" alloy wheels

These 18", eye-catching alloys will give you that road presence you deserve.

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  • Hybrid Intelligence
  • Automatic headlights with auto high/low beam
  • 18" alloy wheels
  • 'Ford Power' starter and Keyless Entry system
  • Rain sensing front windscreen wipers
  • Variable heated front seats
  • Premium leather seats
  • Lane Keeping Aid
  • Auto dimming rear view mirror
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