See the light - automatically

Poor light conditions are a real hazard but with a sensor that can detect dusk or sudden drops in ambient light the headlights can come on automatically, a real boost for safety.

Cruise for comfort and economy

Smooth driving is one of the best ways to save fuel and that’s exactly what Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter helps you achieve. You set the limit and your car will keep to it and as well as helping achieve better fuel figures it will help you relax about not breaking speed limits - and relax your foot by leaving it off the accelerator!

Easy parking makes sense

Estimating the distance from other vehicles when parking is not always easy but parking sensors help take away the risk by detecting objects or vehicles and giving you an audible warning, increasing in volume as the gap decreases.

Put a stop to awkward hill starts

Many people dread hill starts, that often-difficult balance of brake, clutch, and accelerator. But with Hill Start Assist pressure is kept in the braking system for a vital extra few seconds as your foot moves across from the brake to the accelerator. It can also help when stopping or starting in slippery conditions.

Steering that’s sensitive to conditions

Electric power steering is far more sensitive than a mechanically-assisted set-up, detecting speed and conditions then adjusting itself to suit. Turning the wheel is less strenuous so manoeuvring is easier but at higher speed, when a steady wheel is required, the system has more resistance to driver inputs. The newest development is drift control, which reacts to crosswinds or other awkward conditions. The system can also cut steering wheel vibration.

Ford SYNC ready to help in emergencies

There are times when help is urgently needed and Ford SYNC delivers Emergency Assistance*. If an airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, a Bluetooth®-paired and connected mobile phone will be used by the software to directly contact Emergency Services. You still have the choice to end the call or make voice contact should you wish. Even if you are unconscious, the system will relay your GPS coordinates.

Tell it how it is

The power of your voice is enough to enable Ford SYNC 3 to keep you in touch with and control your phone, music and navigation system but there’s also a 6.5” touchscreen to use. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are there while some of your favourite phone apps open with Applink.

Hot stuff on a cold day

Getting going on a frosty day can involve much windscreen scraping, but not when you have Ford’s Quickclear in your car. Even the wipers get defrosted by the almost invisible elements while you watch the process that will de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen.

Wipe away the rain

Moisture detected on the windscreen is enough to set the wipers into action – they will even alter speed as the amount of rain changes. You also determine just how wet it has to be before they start.

One button start-up

New KA+ vehicle detects when its own unique key fob is present. Pressing the Ford Power starter button, even when the key is hidden in a pocket or bag, is enough to make the engine fire up.

As you like it

Shakespeare probably never anticipated Ford ownership when he wrote his play, but with optional Electronic Automatic Temperature Control you can have the interior temperature as you like it thanks to the advanced air conditioning.

Hottest seats in the house

Cold days will be much warmer thanks to the heated front seats, activated by simply touching a button.

Smart thinking on phone storage

Smartphones are smart, and to match them Device Dock keeps your smartphone, MP3 player or navigation device secure. Placed on top of the centre console under a hinged lid, your device is safely locked where you can still see it.

MyKey ends the car-share worry

Even your keys are clever with MyKey, allowing you to pre-set a maximum vehicle speed, trigger a seatbelt reminder, and even limit the sound system’s volume. You can lend your car out safe in the knowledge you have set the restrictions you want via that key. But there’s an unrestricted ‘admin’ key for yourself with the option of more than one of both if you wish.

Wing mirrors that stay safe

When you’re parked, the power-foldable mirrors swing inwards to limit damage – even the integrated indicators stay safe.

Filling-up is foolproof

You’ve heard tales of people putting the wrong fuel in their car, maybe you’ve done it yourself in the past. But Ford Easy Fuel, with its clean-hands capless system, has a flap that locks out the wrong nozzle for foolproof fuelling.

Auto Start-Stop stops fuel waste

Fuel burns for nothing when you sit in a queue or at traffic lights but Auto Start-Stop can switch off the engine while supplying power for essentials such as headlights, Ford SYNC, the radio, and air conditioning. Just pressing the clutch and engaging first gear, or pressing the accelerator on an automatic, restarts the engine. This clever system can cut town and city fuel consumption by up to 10% (urban cycle)

More power and more money in your pocket

An advanced new 1.2-litre petrol engine fitted with a manual 5-speed gearbox offers higher torque while delivering good performance, a better driving experience, and the potential for lower fuel consumption as well as low CO2 emissions of 114g/km. There is also an impressive 1.5 litre diesel option.

Change to better economy

Thanks to the Shift Indicator light housed in the instrument panel, you get a reminder when to change gear, helping maximise fuel efficiency and making your driving style more economical.

Computer helps figure it out

Ready access to facts and figures about your trips can guide you to more economical driving. The on-board trip computer records mileage, fuel consumption, speed, and the outside air temperature and, usefully, informs you of how many miles can be covered on the remaining fuel.

Get a grip in all conditions

Individual wheels can lose grip in poor conditions but Electronic Stability Control can sense this and automatically apply a braking pulse to regain stability thanks to the advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and Traction Control System that let it assess vehicle behaviour.

Great grip for little effort

Wasteful wheelspin is detected by the advanced Traction Control System to maximise grip, performance and stability when most needed. Sensors measure and adjust the power to each wheel ensuring greater control under acceleration.

Airbags cushion you from impact

Airbags abound, and not just in the front for the driver and passenger. They are at the side for thorax protection, directing the seat occupant away from impact. Amazingly they can also increase the space available by raising the occupant’s arm to keep it away from the intruding structure. Curtain airbags increase coverage while headrests protect from the risk of whiplash. Front and rear seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters increase efficiency while seatbelt reminders help make sure you use the technology.

Don’t be deflated

Correct tyre pressures are vital, helping reduce fuel consumption and tyre wear while maximising grip to help keep you safe. Sensors constantly monitor every wheel, triggering a warning when there’s a problem and allowing you to stop safely and either re-inflate the tyre or change the wheel.

Extra warning for those behind

Sudden hard braking can catch out following drivers but in these conditions the brake lights flash as an extra alert.

Keeping thieves at bay

Remote control door locks coupled to a Thatcham-approved three star security system with a perimeter alarm and a double deadlock system help keeps thieves out of your car. Double deadlocks prevent doors being opened from the inside when a thief has reached through after breaking a side window.

Children kept safe

Rear ISOFIX child seat attachment points in the KA+ allow the easy fixing of two child seats to keep young children safe and secure on every journey.