FREE tyre safety check!


Every year in the UK, tyre defects contribute to just under 1,100 road incidents – resulting in over 1,000 casualties and 200 of these casualties were killed or seriously injured. Many of these incidents could have been avoided, if drivers just carried out some basic checks. Yet 1 in 5 has never had their tyres checked.

There were over 10 million illegal tyres being used on the roads in 2016.

Tyre safety is proud to contribute to a 44% reduction in casualties caused as a result as tyre related incidents over the last 11 years, but there is still far more to be done, with your support tyre safety aims to further reduce the number tyre related incidents and causality’s on our roads.


Tread depth can have huge implications on your stopping distance.

During our free tyre safety check we will look for:

  • Incorrect inflation
  • Inadequate tread depth
  • Bulges/tears/cuts
  • Damage to alloy wheels that could have negative effects on tyre pressure.