Coolant Change

1.It prevents rust and corrosion to your engine.

2.It prevents your engine from overheating.

3.It prevents your engine from freezing.


Coolant has a much higher boiling point and a much lower freezing point than water, which makes it very important all year round.


Why should I have my coolant flushed and changed?

Because it is operating in a hot, hostile environment, coolant will break down over time. Most importantly, this leaves your engine and radiator vulnerable to corrosion. Inevitably, some corrosion will still take place, contaminating the coolant with debris.


What will happen if I don’t have this done?

If the rust inhibitors stop working, the cooling system can rust from the inside out. The biggest source of rust in a car's cooling system is the engine block. Your coolant will also struggle to maintain the engine at a good, consistent temperature. Debris can block the flow of the coolant, increasing chances of overheating also.


What will your technicians do?

Our expert technicians will flush your coolant through, replacing it with fresh, efficient, uncontaminated coolant – meaning your engine can safely perform at it’s best.


We recommend changing your coolant every 5 years to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Our coolant change is on offer through October/November 2015 at just £49. To make an appointment please call us on 01202 713136. Alternatively, use our "Contact Foray" form.