Ford Store

These elite Fords can be found at the FordStore at English Ford, Poole, where there is a dedicated lounge to deliver a personalised purchase experience supported by your very own Relationship Manager who has been specially trained in both customer service and brand. The FordStore service at English Ford gives customers a premium service from start to finish.

The FordStores offer extended test drives and overnight borrowing of the car to make sure it’s the right choice for you, just ask the FordStore relationship Manager at English Ford, Poole.

At Foray we have gone one step further with a 24 hour one call service where a helpful hand is only one call away to help with booking the car in for a service, a valet or even just help with some of its many gadgets.

Overall the full FordStore range is pushing boundaries for Ford, putting them in direct competition with some of the car industry's premium brands. Take a look at the range by clicking on the cars below.

The Ford Focus RS

350PS, 167 mph top speed and 1g of lateral acceleration.  The 2.3 litre EcoBoost delivers more responsive power with superior traction and agility. Find out how the RS can fit into your life by speaking to our specialist team at Foray. Your imagination will soon be fired up and your pulse set racing. 

The Ford Mondeo Vignale

Bringing together award-winning design with a unique ownership experience. Choose from the four-door saloon or the estate, the stylish Mondeo Vignale can be distinguished with its hexagonal style mesh grill and dual exhausts. Take your first step into the Vignale lounge at Foray and let your experience begin.

The Ford Mustang

The Mustang has arrived, quite literally, not just in the UK but right here at Foray. This seventh generation Mustang comes with a choice of body styles, the hardtop coupe and the convertible. And a choice of two spectacular engines; the 2.3 EcoBoost or the mighty V8.

Ford s-max Vignale

The Ford S-Max Vignale

The S-Max Vignale is our most complete Sports Activity Vehicle to date. Every element and detail has been considered to offer you a luxurious, unique and exclusive driving experience.